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Fantasy & Steampunk Author
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I’m Claire. I do a lot of things, including writing, sword-fighting, all kinds of martial arts, babbling on Twitter, and occasional technical wizardry.

I am good at perhaps half of these things.

For questions, comments or other random inquiries, feel free to use my contact form.

The Daemonva Trilogy

Epic fantasy set in a shattered world

Book 1

The Meldling

Book 2

The Nameless Knight

Book 3

The Call of Aven-Ra

The Blog

Articles and other items of interest

NaNoWriMo and other news

NaNoWriMo and other news

In which I talk about NaNoWriMo, how much I hate one of my books, and the fact that someone other than me thinks my work is worth publishing.



Wherein I philosophize about how we progress as writers in our art…

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