The Call of Aven-Ra

Third Novel of the Daemonva

the call of aven-ra cover

THE CALL OF AVEN-RA concludes the story of Suzanna, as she searches for the truth of what she has become – and what she was made to do.

The war between daemon and daeva has finally ended, and a new force has risen from the remnants of their armies. Suzanna has done the impossible, and united the daemonva. With the call of Aven-Ra’s name, she gathers more warriors from every corner of the realm to the garrison of Caluness on the surface.

But the sorcerer Dariem has escaped justice once again, and his army of unstable daeva meldlings has been unleashed on the world. The Council of the Distant Nine have vanished from Bastion, leaving Lord Valiant to lead the humanva. If he has his way, every daemon who swore fealty to Bastion will be purged.

Suzanna has to stop the crazed meldlings and Valiant’s hateful plans in order to save both Bastion and the last of the daemonva, or the war she fought so hard to end will begin anew. But the name that has drawn both daemonva and humanva to her side has come at a great price. The dreamscape whispers to her, in visions that blur the line between reality and metaphor. The dying realms of Halca and Avarone cry out to her, demanding solace that she does not know how to give.

Dariem still lurks in the shadows, and plots to rule all Bastion and the daemonva. The mysterious event known as the confluence of the realms is part of his plan, along with Suzanna herself. She must find her way through the forces pulling at her, and finally learn her true purpose.

By the call of Aven-Ra, the realms will be restored – or they, and the daemonva, will vanish forever.

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