Iron Man

Review: Thor in 3D

So, last night I had the pleasure of seeing Hollywood's take on Marvel's take on the Norse god of thunder. I must admit, I was expecting to be singularly unimpressed. I've long since gotten tired of seeing these kinds of stories that revolve around a few white...

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T-Shirt Design: You Complete Me

Yes, I am on a roll with designs right now. Still waiting for my first sale. I live in hope, though. It's all for a good cause - that is, me and my better half packing up all our stuff and leaving Ireland in search of more geek-friendly shores.Speaking of which, this...

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Oh Hollywood, why did you have to ruin Iron Man 2?

I saw Iron Man 2 last night, in case it wasn't already very obvious. I've taken a while to digest it, and now that I have properly marshalled my thoughts, I'm prepared to inflict them on you, the reader. I loved the first Iron Man movie. It was a shining gem in the...

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