I am disabling comments

Jun 25, 2018 | Personal

New site, new blog, new… well, almost everything. As part of the newness, I’m disabling comments site-wide.

The problem with the comments I get is that maybe 20% are worthwhile, and the other 80% are a cesspit of nonsense and misogyny. I have to ask myself: is it worth it? This is only my author site, after all. It’s not much of a blog. I’ve tried to keep it somewhat related to either online media, writing, or tangental topics like swordplay, but I still get quite a bit of grief simply for having an opinion.

Incredibly enough, the most grief I get is on the idiotic list article I wrote about katanas being stupid. It was something I dashed off in about five seconds, and it STILL gets more views and search engine hits than all the rest of my blog put together at this point.

As far as I know, it has never, ever helped me sell even a single copy of my books.

That’s the hardest part of all this. I’d like to blog more but… why bother? What could it possibly do for me? I certainly can’t build a following like this. I barely want to reply to some of the assholes that comment here, never mind try to capture them as readers.

So no comments. I’m done with comments. Discussion can happen elsewhere. I need to get on to writing more instead of dealing with assholes.