Giveaway Time! The Meldling

Aug 23, 2016 | Bookbinding, Promotions


It’s been an interesting and busy few weeks! Time for a giveaway, of course, seeing as I haven’t done one for my handbound books recently.

This is a copy of The Meldling, bound in nice parchment paper with a leather cover. It’s definitely bigger, thicker and heavier than the other copies – I don’t do many of these because it’s very expensive in materials, and working with the leather is a little more tricky than usual.

Still it’s a fine copy, and one I very much enjoyed making. Hopefully the winner of the giveaway will like it! As always, it’s open to my mailing list subscribers and no one else, so if you’re not on the list, this one will never be yours.

If you’re interested in how I make my books, check out this post on how I do a sewn boards binding. This is how I’d do books that are not leather bound. Would you believe I’ve been bookbinding for a year now?