The Nameless Knight is now available!

Jun 16, 2016 | New Releases


I’m fond of soft launches, so it’s likely that some of you will know this already, but The Nameless Knight has been released! It’s now available on Amazon, and will be available soon on Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo Books, and a bunch more through Smashwords’ extended distribution. You can check out the links to Amazon and Smashwords on the book page. More will be added as they become available. For anyone who still hasn’t read The Meldling, check out that book page for its links – it’s either free or only 99c everywhere now!

THE NAMELESS KNIGHT continues the story of Suzanna and her companions, as they battle the evil sorcerer Dariem and try to prevent another war between humanva and daemonva.

The forces of the Daeva-Ra have been routed, and the daemons of Halca have become a part of the underground city of Bastion. For many war-weary humanva and daemonva, the future is bright and happy.

But for the meldling Suzanna, there can be no peace.

The sorcerer who created her has struck again, and scores of unstable meldlings are appearing all across the humanva realm. These twisted, violent creatures, created from a fusion gone wrong of a daemon or daeva with a human, attack with suicidal fury and kill everything in their path.

Though Bastion is insulated from the violence on the surface, the Outposts are not so lucky, and suffer an onslaught of meldling attacks. Old fears die hard as panicked humans turn on the daemons among them, and when the first Outpost falls to infighting, the choice is clear: the sorcerer Dariem must be found and stopped.

Naomee, a member of the Council of the Distant Nine and a powerful sorceress in her own right, has found a way to track their enemy. Suzanna herself is unique – the only stable meldling ever created – and she is the perfect bait to draw the sorcerer out of hiding. With a heavy and fearful heart, she accepts the Council’s grim request to put an end to the meldling attacks.

With Naomee’s guidance and the help of her companions, she follows the trail of the sorcerer to the surface, intending to capture him and stop his evil schemes for good. But Dariem, who has evaded the Council’s magic at every turn, is more cunning than any of them anticipate. They are ambushed, and Lukas, Suzanna’s husband, is abducted. An unconscious daeva is left in his place – a daeva meldling with the armor of a knight, with seemingly no memory of his past, and without even a name.

Suzanna has to find Lukas before he becomes the sorcerer’s next experiment, and stop Dariem before the Outposts and Bastion fall to his deranged meldling army. The nameless knight is the only one who can lead her to him. But how can she find the way if his memories are destroyed, and how can she trust an unstable meldling who might be one small step away from insanity?