The Nameless Knight Cover Artwork Reveal

Mar 9, 2016 | New Releases


Well, it’s time for something new, my friends! The Nameless Knight is officially out of editing hell, and it’s in the hands of my good friend Maria Boers Morris for a developmental review. Once it returns to me, it’ll get another round of polishing and then it’ll go through proofing… …and then it’ll go to publication!

This can only mean that I have to reveal the cover art to you. Once again, Katrianna Anderson has delivered, and it is everything I could ask for. Watch this space, and it’ll be released as soon as possible. If you want to be kept up to date wth my new releases, make sure you subscribe to my mailing list – you may also be in with a chance to win a free book! I’ve got something really good planned for the next giveaway – I know I haven’t run one yet this year, due to being so busy with getting The Nameless Knight ready to go, but I promise I’ll make it up to you.

In the meantime, here’s the blurb for The Nameless Knight!

The forces of the Daeva-Ra have been routed, the daemons of Halca have become a part of the underground city-nation of Bastion, and the reclamation of the surface has begun. For many war-weary humanva and daemonva, the future is bright and happy.

But for the meldling Suzanna, there can be no peace.

The sorcerer who created her has struck again, and scores of unstable meldlings are attacking the humanva Outposts. These twisted, violent creatures, created from a fusion gone wrong of a daeva with a human, tear through the humanva knights with ease, and threaten the fragile treaty between Halca and Bastion.

Old fears die hard as panicked humans turn on the daemons among them, and when the first Outpost falls to infighting, the Council of the Distant Nine ask for Suzanna’s aid again.

The sorcerer must be found and stopped.

Suzanna is unique – the only stable meldling ever created – and she is the perfect bait to draw the sorcerer out of hiding. With the help of her companions, she follows the trail of the sorcerer to the Outposts and beyond, intending to capture him and stop his evil schemes for good.

But Dariem, the sorcerer who has evaded the Council’s magic at every turn, is more cunning than any of them anticipate. They are ambushed, and Lukas, Suzanna’s husband, is abducted. An unconscious daeva is left in his place – another meldling, with the armor of a knight, with seemingly no memory of his past, and without even a name.

Suzanna has to find Lukas before he becomes the sorcerer’s next experiment, and stop Dariem’s evil machinations for good. The nameless knight is the only one who can lead her to him. But how can she trust the word of a daeva meldling who might be one small step away from insanity?

THE NAMELESS KNIGHT is the Second Novel of the Daemonva, and continues the story of Suzanna and her friends.