The holidays, and rolling on to 2016

Jan 1, 2016 | Personal


Happy New Year, everyone! I’ve been having a quiet few weeks, just enjoying our first Saturnalia/Christmas/mid-winter festival with my little daughter. There have been many presents, and giggles, and all that fun stuff. There has also been more wrapping paper and boxes tossed all over my living room than I’ve ever seen before. My recycling bin is packed to capacity, I tells ya.

2015 was the year I finally published my first novel, and started doing the thing I’ve wanted to do my whole life. It was also the year that I wrote the sequel, which is currently lurking on my hard drive and daring me to finish editing it. I still have plans to publish it by the end of January, if I can manage to pull all the various bits together in time. I have the almost-finished cover art, which is the biggest thing.

It looks SO GOOD, you guys. So good. I can’t wait to show it to you.

So the next book, The Nameless Knight, will be coming soon, and with it, more copies for me to bind and give away! I’m thinking that I’ll keep offering The Meldling in my monthly giveaways for now, unless I’m specially requested to give away The Nameless Knight instead.

And now I have more news – I’ll be announcing the name of the last book in the Daemonva Trilogy soon! After I finished The Nameless Knight, I had this enormous revelation on how the series should end and what the last book should be called. I’ve mulled on it long enough, so when The Nameless Knight is released, the third book will be revealed as well.

Roll on 2016, my friends. It’s going to be an exciting year.