Did you know that I have a mailing list?

Sep 25, 2015 | The Publishing Industry

I totally have a mailing list. It is a shiny list, which is unfortunately lacking in subscribers right now. This makes me sad!

I give away books on this mailing list once a month, as you well know. At midnight on September 30th, anyone who’s signed up to the list will be put into a raffle¬†for a handbound copy of The Meldling.

There is no other way to get a print copy of The Meldling! I will send a copy ANYWHERE in the world if you win it from the mailing list. And the best thing is that the mailing list is only used for New Releases and direct emails in the case of you winning a giveaway.

I take my responsibility with email addresses seriously, dammit.

So here’s the deal, my friends. For this one copy, I’ll do something extra-special. I’ll case-bind it on ivory parchment paper, with some very nice white pleather on the cover, and add a clasp and ribbon. Just for you, the first people who I may count as *gasp* fans.


And of course, you’ll know all about the next in the series as soon as I finish it. How about that? (FYI: The Nameless Knight will be released late this year or early next year! Woot!)

Here’s the big mailing list link. CLICK IT NOW. IT CALLS TO YOU.

The Mailing List