Cover Reveal: The Meldling

Jul 22, 2015 | New Releases

So you know how I was talking about sticking with one WP theme for a while? Yeah. That didn’t last. I realized that I was never really going to be happy unless I got a theme that I really, truly loved, and the theme I had just wasn’t it. So I spent the weekend tweaking a very solid theme into something that I really, honestly wanted, and this is the result.

Why? Because I’m publishing my first book on August 1st, and damn if I ever need my website to be up there on the cutting edge of awesome.

So without further ado! May I present the cover for The Meldling, the first in a trilogy that has pretty much come out of nowhere in my brain. How about that?



Pretty cool, huh? Props to Katrianna Anderson for the artwork, she knocked it out of the park. I met her at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival this year, and her style just jumped out at me.

So watch this space, my friends. More announcements soon. The Meldling has been added to my new Books page – no sales links yet though! Sign up to the newsletter if you’d like to get New Release notifications. The Meldling will be available in digital format anywhere that matters.