Adventures in Bookbinding

Jun 14, 2015 | Bookbinding

Today, I bound my first book! As you may know, I am somewhat craft-inclined, and it seems that book binding is a perfect choice of hobby for a writer. It’s a really interesting thing to do¬†and there are dozens of different ways to bind books.

I followed an Instructable tutorial using whatever material I had lying around, and I got EVERYTHING covered in glue and little bits of paper. It was awesome!

You can see that I cocked up the spine, and the inside isn’t much more than crappy printer paper. The cloth cover is some random cotton remnant I picked up a while back. All in all, I think it came out quite well!

The plan is to do a few special editions of my books in print. These would be all handmade by me personally, and sold for {insert ridiculous price here} or given as gifts to the important people in my writing life. Obviously though I need a lot more practice!