It’s the Superhero Series I’ve Been Waiting For

May 14, 2015 | Comics


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT, you guys! I have spent several months bitching about the fact that Daredevil is all about an angsty white guy with brown hair, and Gotham is all about an angsty white guy with brown hair, and Flash is all about an angsty white guy with brown hair, and Arrow is all about an angsty white guy with brown hair – do you get where I’m going with this?

I’ve mentally checked out of the last few superhero movies because I cannot, CANNOT, get excited about white guys with brown hair angsting it up anymore. I have absolutely no interest. My boredom with the parade of white guys with brown hair and tortured pasts knows no bounds. I’ve been hanging on, only because Captain Marvel is going to be a thing at some point.

But then – THEN! – the clouds parted, the veil was lifted, and down from on high was delivered almost everything my poor heart has cried out for.

My exact response can best be summarized as


I have not been this excited about a TV show in FOREVER. I haven’t been this excited about ANYTHING related to superheroes in forever! So many good moments! So many awesome lines! Such ridiculous music!

I am not kidding, I wanted to start cheering halfway through the video. A TV series about a powerful woman saving the world, with other women around her having meaningful relationships with her, and it’s got this profound sense of joy about it, with minimal levels of angst?

SIGN ME UP! Take all my money! This is the one I’ve been waiting and hoping for! I don’t care that it looks campy as hell and probably has cliches out the ass. It looks like fun, the kind of fun and silly and over-the-top that I know I’m going to enjoy, especially if I get more of Calista Flockhart snarking it up.

I don’t read the comics, and something tells me that the comic fans are going to hate this one. I really, really don’t care. This looks like a superhero series that’s being honestly aimed at women for a change and I am so on board with that I’m already driving the boat.