Nanowrimo is done

Dec 1, 2015 | Personal

The Nameless Knight Nanowrimo stats

The Nameless Knight Nanowrimo stats

I’m exhausted and I’ve written about ten thousand words in, oh, two and a half days. But the first raw draft of The Nameless Knight is done. It’s DONE, it’s done done done DONEDONEDONEDONEDONE AAAAAHHHHH!

Don’t be scared, this is a completely natural side-effect of doing Nanowrimo – the National Novel Writer’s Month. Fifty Thousand Words in one month, should you be brave enough to do it and have a sufficient amount of caffeine to keep you going. If I were really under pressure, I could produce a novel like this every month, but I’m pretty sure that every other aspect of my life would suffer.

I’ve done Nanowrimo almost every year. To my eternal shame, I’ve only finished it once before. I’ve promised myself that I’ll do it every year from now on, and I WILL finish. I’ve waited around too long to write books like, you know, an actual author and all that. I owe it to myself, at this point.

Fun fact – the one time I finished it before, I wrote the first draft of The Meldling! So it’s oddly appropriate that the second time should be for its sequel.

Here’s to the Nanowrimo madness, and the break I’m taking for the next day or so. If you’re waiting for The Nameless Knight, have no fear – it’ll be published in the New Year!