October Giveaway Winner!

Nov 4, 2015 | Promotions


You didn’t think I’d forget about this just because I’m doing NanoWrimo, did you? The Nameless Knight is now in progress, and I’m sure that I’ll be deviating wildly from my outline in no time. Until the 30th, when I return from my bunker with the first draft, take a look at this nice book!

This giveaway copy of The Meldling is on its way to Brian, in Ireland, courtesy of the lovely Canadian postal service. It’ll take a while to get there, but hopefully it’ll be there in time for Christmas! The cover is a reclaimed art print, with blue endpapers and a blue bookmark. This one came out very chunky in the binding, but it’s a good solid hardback, and I have no doubt that it’d make an excellent impromptu weapon if need be.

So, last weekend I got to Wayzgoose, the book arts fair in the Vancouver Public Library. I talked to many different bookbinder people, and I got some great tips, so you can expect the next handbound copies I make will be even better than ever.

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blue cover meldling

blue cover meldling