Goodreads shenanigans

Nov 24, 2015 | Promotions


I have a Goodreads profile that I jump into occasionally to see what readers are up to. I honestly thought that I’d never be able to do a giveaway for my handbound books there, because how exactly do you do that for books with no ISBN or ASIN number? (ISBN = obvious, ASIN = Amazon’s identifier) Well, after a few emails to the Goodreads support staff, I have a giveaway for three of my books!

This is pretty important because there are so many readers on Goodreads, and I’m sure at least a few of them will really like The Meldling. The giveaways there are limited to physical books only, so I really need to keep the number of copies limited.

Bonus fact: I’m out of toner again. Guess who has two thumbs and managed to cover her entire kitchen sink in black toner powder? Eyyyyyyyyyy! *points thumbs at self, a la The Fonz, and if you don’t get that reference, TO GOOGLE WITH YOU right this minute*

It’s okay. I have the toner on order, and I’ll have it before the giveaway ends. I do have a few nice copies made as well, so I’m not going to have that much of a problem with it. My biggest cost in doing all this bookbinding is toner and postage, believe it or not.

So the Goodreads profile started today, and I’ve gotten a few friend requests and like eighty people added The Meldling to their to-read pile. It completely threw me for a moment, like… dayum, people want to read it! How about that! This is because writers are a neurotic bunch, and somehow it always comes as a surprise that people actually want to read our stuff.

So there you have it. Check out my profile if you do the Goodreads thing, and be sure to leave a review of The Meldling if you haven’t done so already.