September Giveaway Winner Annoucement

Oct 10, 2015 | Promotions

It’s the worst thing in the world when a binding fails. It happens every once in a while, when the materials I pick for covers or endpapers or glue turn out to be a bad choice. This belated announcement comes to you courtesy of some bad materials that just would not glue down properly, which resulted in me having to rebindĀ a cover, scrap two entire text blocks of expensive parchment paper, and throw out umpteen test print pages of regular paper.

It’s also a pretty good feeling when a binding turns out well, and I think this one was a success. After all my parchment paper was ruined, I turned to my usual paper and printed out a half-size text block. Some nice red vinyl for the cover, yellow endpapers, and a thick red elastic cord with a clasp, and this giveaway copy of The Meldling is ready to go to the giveaway winner – Ty, in Utah! I’m also including a full size blue notebook as apologies for not being able to use parchment paper. This will go into the post on Tuesday, after Canadian Thanksgiving.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to my mailing list! Remember, just being subscribed means you get automatically entered in each monthly giveaway. I don’t always do really special copies like this one, but every one will be handmade with care.