Jan 11, 2014 | Personal

I forgot to open comments after the trollfest earlier this week! Oh noes!

Eh, I’ve no time to play today, but seeing as one has already sent me a message telling me to kill myself, I figure they’re still around. Might as well let them have a lovely little circle jerk here before I get bored and delete all their bullshit.

I can almost taste the bile, by the way. The anger. I feel like the Emperor talking to Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi… Yeessssssssss… let it consume you. Your petty anger is invigorating to me. You’d give anything for me to shut up and stop talking – me, the nasty feminist bitch who said something mean about a website you like –¬†and all you’ve got is angry words and arguments I don’t listen to. So please… tell me I’m horrible. Tell me I’m a fat bitch who needs to get raped. Tell me to go kill myself, or tell me how I should die, or waste your time explaining why I’m wrong. Just go ahead. I’ll leave it up here for all the world to see.

I’ll be back later to catch up on the highlights. I got things to do. Tootles!