Things I am not buying this week

Sep 19, 2013 | Video Games

Oh, it’s a long list, believe me, but I thought I’d give a shout out to the stuff that I have made a conscious decision not to buy, as opposed to the stuff that I’m not buying because I can’t afford it or I don’t know about it or I have no interest in it.

Grand Theft Auto V

By all accounts it’s a great game, but all I’m hearing about it in (honest) reviews is that it’s misogynistic as shit in spite of it being a great game.

I do not spend money on stuff that will make me hurl my controller across the room. A game may fart rainbows out its ass and sprinkle donuts wherever it goes, but if it’s overwhelmingly sexist, I do not want it.

GTA:V is off my list unless and until I hear a verified review of just how bad the sexism is, so I can get an estimate of whether I will be able to play it.

Ironclad: Tactics

This is a little indie game that caught my eye at PAX because of the whole steampunk thing. I’m not buying it because, at the time, the devs gave me the same bullshit excuse of ‘historical accuracy’ when I asked if there were any women in their game set during the American Civil War THAT NOW HAS GIANT MECHS IN IT because of alternate history.

Because adding robots is okay, but OH NOES NOT TEH WIMMINS THAT WOULDN’T BE RIGHT!

Due to my policy of not giving a shit about games that obviously don’t give a shit about me, no money goes to Ironclad from my wallet.

Anything produced by DC

For obvious reasons…

Kick-Ass 2

Nothing I’ve heard about this movie makes me think I’ll do anything but hate it due to its treatment of women. I didn’t think much of the first, and I certainly didn’t understand why everyone thought it was so revolutionary or different or whatever. But this one… hoo boy. Any movie that turns attempted rape into a joke has a really high bar to jump over with me, and I don’t think Kick-Ass 2 passes. So no moneys there.

Who knows what I won’t be buying next week?