Another story up

Mar 25, 2011 | Personal

I’ve added another story to my Writing page – something I wrote a while ago that started life as a comic script, and then I rewrote it as prose or whatever. I’ve broken it up into six easy to read parts with links in-between.

I’ve realised that I seem to write a lot of steampunk stuff into my stories sometimes that kinda sits there for flavour, but isn’t really important to the plot. The story is called The Hunter General, and it’s set on a airship in a world (or maybe a single area, I never did decide) where the only land around is these giant floating atolls – and, just so we’re all clear, this isn’t actually relevant. I just wanted floating islands when I wrote it.

Eh, enjoy anyway… Part 1. I may write more of it if someone actually takes notice and decides they can’t live without reading more.