What I’m up to

Dec 23, 2011 | Personal

I didn’t finish Nanowrimo, in case you’re wondering. I’ll still upload chapters of Winterlight, but it’ll be at a much lower rate. My web design business is taking off, and I’m up to my eyeballs in work.

So that’s great, and I love being busy, but it cuts into my writing time. I’ve got so much in the pipe right now – two books, coding websites, design work; I’ve got an idea for another sideline business that requires a lot of extra effort, but could pay off well. I have another idea for a smaller non-fiction book. I have WordPress plugins to develop.

I still have to spend time with my better half, and eat and sleep and all that. Yay.

Anyway. Next chapter of Winterlight will go up on Tuesday. I’m aiming for one a week at least. Wish me luck.