Oct 19, 2011 | Personal

It’s that time of year again… National Novel Writing Month starts in November. Am I participating, I hear you ask?

Am I ever. I always participate in some way. I work best when put under the most ridiculous deadlines on earth, and they don’t get much more extreme than 50,000 words in a month. My previous two books were NaNoWriMo books, and they were terrible, of course, but what I learned from them went into the first draft of the Novel a year later.

Yes, the Novel was also a NaNoWriMo book. I just didn’t stop working on it after I hit the 50k. This year, I’m hoping that the elemental force of that November 30th deadline will kick my creative engine into gear. My aim is not to write, this time – it’s to edit the second draft into something resembling a publishable work. All 90,000 words of it. A chapter a day.

I’ll have Scrivener on hand, and enough tea to float a battleship. Wish me luck.