T-Shirt Design: Epic Win

Jul 18, 2010 | Personal

The latest design: a gamer special! I used to play D&D a lot, then 4th Ed came out and it just wasn’t the same anymore. Yes, I have my own dice that no one may touch on pain of pain.

I’m sure this would work better if it was white on black, but Skreened don’t print white. Shame, really. I’m guessing it’s to make it easier for people who are not graphic designers – white in any Skreened design becomes transparent, rather than allowing the shop owner to specify their own transparency settings. Efficient, yes – but annoying for the professionals.

This design’s been added to a new shop for funnies – the Bizarrium. I chose the name because the other option, “The Happy Joy Shop of Happy”, sounded a bit silly.