Late night or early morning?

May 23, 2010 | Personal

Damn, I’m tired.

Having insomnia naturally means that I have nothing better to do other than blog about it, tweet about it, and then putz around on the Internet rather than actually getting some tea or something and getting back to bed. I’m yawning, so I must be tired, but it doesn’t feel like a you’re-exhausted-go-to-bed yawn; more like a just-woken-up, shaking-off-sleep kind of yawn.

I know I should really be back in bed and trying to get some rest, though, because I’m starting to talk nonsense.

I got a new phone yesterday. (Today? If it’s this early, does it still count as Saturday? What if I go back to bed? Does it count then?) Right. I’m babbling. Stop it and focus for a second. I got the phone on Saturday, ok? It’s a HTC Desire, and my first smartphone.

It is very, very shiny. I have already used it for Twitter and email and all the other fun things you can do with a little device that’s at least as powerful as my netbook.

From Photos

That’s a picture of the box. I took the photo with the phone itself. This may be far too meta for civilised company, but sleep deprivation has long since washed away my manners.

Word to the wise if you’re thinking of getting this phone: the very first app you need to download is the Task Manager. Any task manager, in fact, but I use this one. You want it because there are a number of apps that run in the background that eat battery life, and if you never touch those apps (or view them with deep and unrelenting suspicion), having a task manager like that one will let you shut them down automatically. This equals more battery power, which equals more time for insomnia-fuelled Twitter haikus.

The second app I got was Twidroid, obviously. I now have the power to post 140-character annoyances anywhere I have a mobile phone signal, as opposed to anywhere with a wireless network. And I can tweet photos I take from my phone, if the mobile network allows it – but it probably won’t, because the Irish networks can only be charitably called ‘3G’ and more accurately called ‘a series of plastic cups connected with string and wishful thinking’.

I’m sure it can do other things. It is, after all, very very shiny.

Yawn. Tired. I must now have tea, least I fall over and sleep on the kitchen floor.