Time to Open up

Apr 7, 2010 | Personal

I’m very, very nervous about this, but… I have to do it sometime. I’m opening up the blog so that it can be seen publicly.

This is an author thing, I guess. You need a presence online, something for people to connect with and enjoy and pass along to their friends. It terrifies me like nothing in the world. Up to this point, I’ve hidden away, too afraid of being judged for what I write.

But I got to thinking, over the last month; I’m working hard on getting the Novel finished. It’s going to be real, soon, real enough to send to agents – maybe real enough to be published. I don’t think my queries will be successful unless I can be sure the agents know that I am real too. That means a part of me has to be on display, whether I like it or not, whether I’ll get flak for it or not.

All the posts I’ve entered so far will stay. It feels… dishonest, I guess, to edit or censor them for the sake of a presentable public persona. I’m not sure there’s anything truly scandalous there, anyway – most of my opinions boil down to my wishing people wouldn’t be so bloody mean to each other.

I’d better start as I mean to go on, then.

Hello. My name is Claire Ryan, and I’m a taleweaver. I’ve been telling stories since I was twelve. I’ve written two books, which will never see the light of day, and I’m working on one with promise right now. I can write about anything, in any medium. I’ve spent a long time honing my skills, and although it’s been a long time coming, I know I’m good enough now to be a published author.

This is my blog. Thanks for reading it.