Apr 23, 2010 | Personal

One of the things I’d recommend any writer to do is try to sketch your characters, or the things in your story, or the world you’re creating. It gives you a better and a more solid idea of them, and of course, it’s good practice. Anyone can learn how to draw, given time – at one stage, drawing was a skill that was learned like reading or writing.

I did art in school, like many people, and promptly forgot it on entering college. That was a mistake, true enough, but one that’s easily fixed. It’s never too late to start again. Creativity is not something that one can lose as easily as the skills needed to express it.

So. Here is a sketch done on computer of one of my main characters in the Novel. I used an old but very serviceable Wacom graphics tablet, and an open source program called the GIMP.

I’m just glad I got the proportions mostly correct. It’s better than my usual efforts anyway, for all that it’s very, very rough. It took a few hours of random doodling then erasing everything then doodling again, and finally settling on something that worked and then colouring in whatever way would look interesting.