A Place to Write

Jul 10, 2009 | Personal

I can’t believe that I’ve locked myself in the bathroom just to find a place to sit and type.

It is something that authors really don’t consider, I think; finding that sweet spot where all the optimal conditions come together to produce the place where you can write in blissful peace. For some, it’s on the couch while ignoring the TV; others can’t even listen to music, because any sound is a distraction.

Personally, I like the toilet.

Ideally, I would have a study where I can go and be alone while I work. Anything else can be tolerated, but in order for me to really become touched by the Muses, I must be on my own. Such a situation is not possible, of course, if you live in an apartment where the only really private space is the bathroom; and so here I sit, or however the saying goes. It’s quite delightful, really.

But I can’t stay. People will want to use the facilities, as it were, and I will be ousted from this little, precious space. My heart breaks, and I must go and find somewhere else to be alone.