How do you connect to people?

Oct 31, 2009 | Personal

I tend to write a lot of drivel on this blog. Part of it is therapy, of a sort, in that it lets me talk about things that bother me. But really, the rest is a large chunk of drivel with a healthy dose of procrastination.

I should be writing the Novel now instead of this.

Anyway – blogs are usually used to connect with people. This got me thinking today – I follow a lot of blogs, and I enjoy reading all of them, but my participation is largely absent. I don’t get involved with other bloggers.

I had to seriously think about why this is, and I can only think it must be shyness. Yes, it’s an enormous cliche, but nonetheless true – I’m still struggling with self-esteem as a writer, and it’s caused me to be hesitant about reaching out to other writers, agents, publishers, whatever.

Who reads this blog, anyway? I’m not even sure I’m writing it for anyone but me. How do you find out if anyone is reading or subscribed anyway?


I just had to look that up. I think I need to have Google Analytics or something.


Apparently not! But it still says I have no subscribers, so I guess I don’t need to worry about who’s reading my drivel just yet.