About Me

I have always wanted to be a writer. Unfortunately I grew up in the back end of nowhere in rural Ireland, which isn’t exactly known for its extensive literary opportunities. Still, I was determined even if I wasn’t sensible.

I started at age twelve with a very silly story about the snakes returning to Ireland, hundreds of years after they had been banished by St. Patrick. It was a little bit of Battlestar Galactica meets Watership Down, and that should tell you everything you need to know about how weird I was as a child. I moved on to writing a massive, Dune-like sci-fi epic by the age of fifteen, which was rubbish, and then a standalone novel about a dragon prince, which was a little less rubbish. College got in the way (I acquired a degree in geology and a diploma in numerical computing, as you do) and then I did the required few years of soul-searching, working various jobs, and general pissing about that seems to be a requirement of any serious author these days.

Honestly though, you wouldn’t want to read any of that early stuff. It was all pretty mediocre.

I self-published my first book, The Meldling, in 2015. It’s alright, I give it a 6/10. The Daemonva trilogy was finished in 2019, and writing it taught me a lot of things and prepared me for the next one. I’m currently working on my next series, called Mekkaneers Madness, and I won’t be publishing any of it until it’s all done.

I like to write stories about magic, and adventure, and people facing impossible odds and succeeding by working together. I enjoy world-building, asking what-if, and imagining new settings. (Yes, I was a D&D GM for years.) Most of all, I love found families, fire forged friends, crowning moments of awesome, and snarky humour.

If that’s your jam too, then hey, maybe come find me and say hi.

Twitter: @aetherlev

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